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eZworkforce® contains all of the key features you need to efficiently manage and deliver high quality healthcare services to your clients. The software is designed to ensure you can get the right people to the right jobs and to give you full visibility over the availability and workload of your staff.

Flexible scheduling and automatic pay and charge calculations

The software is designed to support flexible scheduling where a person may work several different shifts at different rates in different locations throughout the day. eZworkforce® will automatically calculate pay and charge values as timesheets are entered including complex overtime calculations where necessary.

Incident and Safety Management included

eZworkforce® includes incident management so you can ensure any issues arising while your staff are delivering services are recorded and processed correctly. Integrated document management allows you to attach electronic files (documents, images, videos etc.) to the incident and monitor the progress as incidents are resolved and closed.

Features that reduce administration and give you more time

  • The reports that you need at the click of a button.
  • Increased accuracy in Pay and Invoicing means less time spent resolving issues.
  • Automated Pay and Invoicing calculations.
  • Export straight to Sage Payroll and Accounts.
  • Integrated Document Management attached to Personnel and Client Records.
  • Text Timetables and messages to staff directly from the Schedule.
  • Automatic Calculation of Holiday Pay and Availability with a self-serve Staff Web portal for Holiday requests.
  • Stop wasting time hunting for Personnel or Client documents by electronically attaching them to Personnel or Client files.

Features that reduce costs

  • Freeing up time of key staff means they can be allocated to more productive tasks.
  • Integrated Document Management means less paper, less ink, less filing, lower storage requirements and above all less chance of losing important documents.
  • Communicating directly via the software means an automatic update of the communications log, instant letters or SMS thus saving the time and cost of telephoning staff individually.
  • Implementing an HMRC approved T&S Salary Sacrifice Initiative could not only save the company money, but means you could increase your staff take home pay - all managed through eZworkforce®.

Features that will improve management control

  • Know the profitability of each task for current and future schedules.
  • Full management of Regulatory Compliance including TUPE, VISAs, Licencing, AWR, CRM...
  • Access Live reports from wherever you have internet access.
  • Full audit-trail of who has changed what.
  • We work with our clients to ensure that, in the event of a disaster or emergency, they can be up and running and servicing their clients from a new location with their data intact.

To find out more about how eZworkforce® could benefit you, or you simply have a couple of questions:

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  • Recruitment
  • Application Mgmt.
  • Vetting
  • HR Mgmt.
  • Staff Help Desk
  • Employee Web Portal
  • Nationality/VISA Mgmt.
  • Compliance Manager
  • Document Register
  • Terminations Licensing
  • SIA/Licencing Mgmt.
  • Skills Mgmt.
  • Personnel Availability
  • Training Mgmt.
  • Asset Issue
  • Holiday & Absence Mgmt.
  • New Starter Wizard
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