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eZworkforce® can hold an almost limitless amount of data whose ownership and/or origin could be from any or all departments across an organisation.

Built in Interactive Dashboards that allow multi-level drill down and drill down to detail are available to all departments and link data from the various areas of the system. The Management Information/Business Intelligence can display both up to the minute live and or historical data.

With the ability for all our dashboards, reports, exports and search screens to be produced in a multitude of popular formats including Excel and PDF at any time and from anywhere in the world, organisations and their management teams never need to wait for information from their teams again.

"Now management can view their own reports, statistics and graphs which are automatically updated with ‘live’ system data, which saves a substantial amount of time."

Built in designers allow more experienced users to change and produce their own output as needed, however eZworkforce® also offer a service to customise and create new outputs.

eZworkforce® version 6 now allows connections external data sources to be used with our tools so the 'complete picture' is always available.

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