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Customer Relationship Management

Often when implementing Customer Relationship Management solutions, organisations find that they require a great deal of maintenance and also find them hard to use and manage, resulting in the CRM solution not being used or valuable resource spends more time managing the system than carrying out their primary function.

We have designed eZworkforce® CRM to be different and especially suitable for working use in Business to Business sales and relationships.

"eZworkforce® helps us keep track of business development. We are able to track communications made with potential clients as well as documents, mailshots and offers sent out.""

The CRM is integrated throughout the whole of eZworkforce® so that the efforts of all departments can equally benefit and all parties are aware of progress whether dealing with prospects or existing clients.

Keeping track of campaigns, who has done what and when and what was the result is simple to manage and linked to Dashboards that provide live feedback as things progress. Campaigns can also be assigned to individuals or groups and can be shared across branches as needed.

The flexible communications tools included are also integrated with the Document Management system.

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