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Most organisations would like to operate the fabled 'paperless office' and most understand the potential cost and environmental savings, yet despite advances in technology this ideal almost always remains out of reach. One of the main reasons for this is that when Document Management is implemented within an organisation, it is often too separate from the organisations core operational system to be effective.

eZworkforce® integrates its own Document Management system throughout the application to resolve the above issue and provide instant links to document that are actually pertinent to the records being viewed by the user.

This is most evident in departments that handle vast amounts of paper-based information such as Compliance, who for instance can call up the record of an individual and through permission based access, view all documents associated with compliance instantly. eZworkforce® will even inform them when a document is due to expire.

"The Document Library is my favourite system feature. I use it as an auditing tool to ensure that our compliance procedures are being followed.""

Our Document Management system is not limited to standard document files, images, video and audio can also be stored which has proven invaluable in Incident Management.

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