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Large workforces whether internal or outsourced place significant pressure on Payroll departments which can overflow to other areas of the organisation such as Operations and Personnel. Likewise, different clients have very different needs when it comes to Invoicing, generating backing sheets or dissemination of analysis.

eZworkforce® takes away all the complexities associated with the above making it easy to respond to new demands without having to invent new procedures or increase workloads.

Our built in Pay and Charge engine can manage the most complex of configurations and automatically ensure the correct rate is always applied for the right job to the right contract and the right person.

"Thanks to the Cost Analysis screen, we can identify payroll & invoicing issues prior to running the invoices & payroll. Which means no missing shifts, good KPI performance and happier staff & customers."

Payslips and Invoices can all be customised and contain information from any part of eZworkforce® and even include details from external applications if required. The output can include graphics and even newsletters and can be distributed via email or accessed directly through the Client or Personnel Web Portal. Any issues can be entered and managed within the built in Help Desk.

Our Financial modules offer many features in addition to the above however the Analysis tools are incredibly good at helping to identify issues before pay and billing processes are performed, and we have 'Undo' functionality that can significantly reduce administration.

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