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Complete, Integrated & Secure Employee Information

eZworkforce® HR Software does not simply store data, it gives you the tools to deal with people more effectively. You get the most from your staff by better management of your people processes, applications, vetting, compliance, training and much more.

eliminate your reliance on paper based files, spreadsheets and separate data sources.

Our HR Solution allows you to eliminate your reliance on paper based files, spreadsheets and separate data sources, which can be especially cumbersome in multi-branch organisations. You get complete centralised employee information which is securely available to all who need it, regardless of department. No more isolated information stores.

The flexibility of eZworkforce® allows you to focus on an individual’s needs including holiday pay calculation methods, working hours and working time preferences to ensure that even with large scale workforces, people are not overlooked.

Compliance Under Control

eZworkforce® ensures you are able to stay on top of your HR compliance and legislative requirements and still deliver reductions in time and effort over existing systems. Dedicated screens, reports and dashboards provide visibility and control over compliance related areas, for example to identify missing compliance documentation.

You become proactive in your management of licences, skills, expiring visas, training courses as well as internal and external compliance requirements. As these features can be integrated with our other modules, the system can be used to prevent the scheduling of non-compliant staff.

Improve Staff Engagement & Relationships

eZworkforce® features a Personnel Web Portal to provide staff with access to their information, payslips, available holiday, holiday taken, their timetables and company notices. Your employees can access the information they need whenever they want, reducing enquiries to HR.

track all employee related issues

Our Staff Helpdesk module allows you to track all employee related issues to ensure prompt and effective resolution and therefore makes the process of communication with your HR department more accessible to staff.

As a result, you provide a better response to staff needs and the HR department is freed up from dealing with basic day-to-day employee queries.

Comprehensive Staff Holiday & Absence Management

The process of managing employee absence and annual leave, when done inefficiently can be complex, labour intensive and stressful leading to errors and a great deal of processing cost.

eZworkforce® removes this stress through electronic process combining the employee web portal showing employees what their holiday position is, to the absence request and approval mechanism, down to the calculation of how much pay an employee is owed, factoring in the latest employment legislation, case law, individual site/contracts and even AWR requirements.

Whatever your approach to Holiday and Absence Management, eZworkforce® puts you back in control and you can be confident that you can deal with whatever the future holds.

To find out more about how eZworkforce® could benefit you, or you simply have a couple of questions:

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  • Recruitment
  • Application Mgmt.
  • Vetting
  • HR Mgmt.
  • Staff Help Desk
  • Employee Web Portal
  • Nationality/VISA Mgmt.
  • Compliance Manager
  • Document Register
  • Terminations Licensing
  • SIA/Licencing Mgmt.
  • Skills Mgmt.
  • Personnel Availability
  • Training Mgmt.
  • Asset Issue
  • Holiday & Absence Mgmt.
  • New Starter Wizard
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