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When managing large numbers of people, a single event may affect large groups or even all of them. When such an event happens every department that has contact with those individuals will be inundated by telephone calls and emails to the point where it is difficult to resource and prioritise the responses and the resolutions resulting in a stressful environment for staff.

eZworkforce® has incorporated a Help Desk for both personnel and clients, which is designed to alleviate such issues by being available online. Different types of tickets raised can be managed in different areas of the organisation. The online Reference Library in both Web Portals can be updated with notices, guides and other documents. All this reduces back-office workload and allows greater control but keeps the person who raised the ticket up to date and therefore much happier.

A great advantage of the helpdesk is that departments can catch issues early and be prepared as they can see patterns emerge. You also have a much better audit trail and flow of information.

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