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eZworkforce® is essentially about managing and administrating people efficiently across an organisation regardless of industry.

Designed to negate the need for a 3rd party HR system* eZworkforce® contains the full spectrum of personnel modules that fully integrate with all other areas of the system.

eZworkforce® implements a Document Management system that enables the whole personnel department to store all documents digitally. The Communications module is capable of instant mail merge to letter and can also immediately merge to SMS and email (with send control). All communication sent or received is automatically entered into the Journal to provide a full history of communication.

"The greatest savings are being achieved through continuous process improvements, already saving in excess of one person per week on key tasks."

The built in help desk to which personnel have Web Portal access, minimises disruption and highlights issues for fast resolution. It also provides a mechanism that allows departmental sections and separate departments to manage their own tickets autonomously.

Key to eZworkforce® is that the Human Resources department can concentrate on managing people and not spend most of their time manually searching for information and performing unnecessary administration.

* eZworkforce® can integrate with 3rd Party systems if required, though most choose not to once aware of the full array of features in eZworkforce®.


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