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eZworkforce® incorporates a Customer Relationship Management module developed to be practical and suited to both business to business and business to consumer sales with effective campaign management.

Service levels and perceived image are important from first contact with prospects through to provisioning and supply to customers. Communications and presentation of information must fit the required image if an organisation would like repeat and continued business.

eZworkforce® gives organisations full control of communication whether electronic or through letters reports and dashboards. Clients can receive reports and dashboards designed and configured specifically to their needs and this also includes custom invoices. The Business Analytics and Design features of eZworkforce® ensures consistency and quality of presentation.

The outputs generated by eZworkforce® can be used directly in presentations and tenders.

A client facing Web Portal can allow for Invoices, reports and dashboards to be available directly to the end-client through permission based access on any of the main web browsers.

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