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Surveys and Metrics

With such powerful tools such as our Business Analytics modules and the fact that eZworkforce® holds for many organisations more data than any other system, it made sense for us to extend this functionality and negate the need for 3rd Party different systems.

eZworkforce® therefore allows recording of custom event/duty logs for any period, fixed and custom site surveys which can all be incorporated in dashboards and reports and even generate actions.

Due to the varying nature and industries eZworkforce® services, there is also a tablet/laptop application that can work offline for capturing metrics and the building and running of surveys. This device is also capable of synchronising with eZworkforce® to both upload this data and download attendance or other information.

This results in being able to not just capture information, but also allows that and other information to be displayed and discussed on the 'shop floor' with individuals or be signed off by management.

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