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Our staff work closely with our clients' internal technical departments and external IS suppliers to ensure the resilience of eZworkforce® and its seamless integration with the organisations infrastructure and Business Continuity Plan.

eZworkforce® supports both a classic enterprise model and the Cloud based distribution.

Updates are automated as standard, but can be performed manually on isolated networks.

"We worked with Working Pulse to deliver a complex time management system in the UK as part of a strategic HR programme. During the project WP worked together with our teams to deliver the system against challenging timelines by adopting an agile approach that ensured we met the needs of our business and stakeholders.
Working Pulse’s flexibility, technical expertise and solution focused approach were key factors to the successful delivery of our project."

We use the latest .NET Framework with Microsoft® SQL Server for the database engine. As a result we are also able to easily link to other 3rd Party systems for Dashboards and Reports or for more advanced projects.

eZworkforce® uses a group based permission system where the user belongs to one or more groups so that access to areas of the system and reporting can all be better controlled.

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