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Time and Attendance

eZworkforce® contains a versatile and simple to use Scheduling and Planning module which is designed to fully integrate with Time and Attendance devices and automatically cross reference their input directly against the plan and offer tools for Exception Management.

The use of biometric devices is steadily growing for a host of reasons, security, prevention of time theft and health and safety being just a few. As well as supplying our own biometric devices, we work with a number of additional providers, integrating the hardware directly into eZworkforce®.

eZworkforce® however can also supply an automated call management module (IVR) so that where biometrics are not suitable, the system will allow any number of individuals to book on, off and checking (and more where required) simply by calling a number and pressing a few buttons. This is ideal for 'lone workers'.

Sitting behind all this is a control panel that shows all activity as it occurs, keeping the time delay between an event and a resolution to a minimum.

As 'Actual Times' are captured by these varying methods, eZworkforce® automatically adjusts Pay and Charge details keeping everything up to date for the Financial and Business Analytics Modules.

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