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A very important part of eZworkforce® solution is the built in Web Portal that is designed for both an organisation's personnel and clients.

The stylish modern design is simple to use, and requires no training, and can be easily managed.

"Our Clients see the web portal as added value to our services."

End clients will greatly appreciate the Interactive Dashboards that the Web Portal will give them. With the ability to access a document library, raise and monitor Help Desk Tickets, or simply view Invoices and Reports, end clients will have greater access and control, and yet an Organisation's workload will not increase to provide this to their clients, eZworkforce® takes care of everything.

For Personnel there are similar features, online Payslips, Help Desk, Reference Library and Timesheets, all of which demonstrate an investment and value in the individual, by providing additional lines of communication, clearer information and delivering greater control to that individual.

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