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Why eZworkforce®?

When we demonstrate eZworkforce® to the senior management team and/or key stakeholders of organisations from varying industries, all are left knowing that every department and the organisation will benefit immensely from implementing eZworkforce® and it is possible to work how they need to work without compromise.

  1. The features and scope of eZworkforce® can consolidate departmental and branch level processes in one central solution with isolated spreadsheets becoming a thing of the past.

  2. eZworkforce® significantly improves information flow with flexible Business Analytics.

  3. Modules are designed to handle both generic and industry specific requirements.

  4. Web portals clearly demonstrate investment in end clients and personnel alike.

  5. The modern, clean interface makes change management far simpler than other products with usability being a foundation of our application development.

  6. Integrated Document Management brings a whole host of benefits that will dramatically reduce costs (even against existing isolated document management systems).

  7. Scalability of eZworkforce® ensures that the system can grow as an organisation grows.

  8. Reliability has always been another core foundation of our development, eZworkforce® has therefore been designed for constant up time.

  9. Integration of external applications and data sources ensures that eZworkforce® never becomes that 'isolated' system and as a result of our Financial, Biometric/Integration and Business Analytics modules, eZworkforce® can deliver additional savings by reducing the reporting and functionality requirements of 3rd party software.

  10. At eZworkforce® we understand business, not just our own, but also within the organisations we supply, and this is always apparent in our software.

Contacting us for a demonstration, or simply to ask a question is your next step to having the tools you need to take your organisation forward.

To find out more about how eZworkforce® could benefit you, or you simply have a couple of questions:

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